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SUTJESKA NATIONAL PARK / TARA Rafting / SARAJEVO City Tour - The magic of untouched nature.

Perućica rainforest, Maglić – the highest peak of BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina) (2.400 m), beautiful lakes, waterfalls, vistas, blueberry and aronia fields, rafting on the Tara river, sand pyramids.
Hotel accommodation in the heart of National Park, homemade food – full board, guides, transfers.

400,00 €
(3.014,00 kn)
broj dana
4 days
broj dana
  • as agreed (in the season, between May and October)
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Trip details

1. DAY – Thursday
Departure from Zagreb at 06:00 am. Motorway drive via Slavonski Brod, transitting the Bosnia and Herzegovina state border (at Slavonski Brod). Stopping in Kotromanićevo, the ethno village, for coffee break and rest. Continuing the trip through Sarajevo to Foča and Tjentište. Arrival in Sutjeska National Park at Tjentište at about noon. A welcome drink, accommodation in rooms. Lunch. After lunch (at about 02.00 pm) driving to the heart of Sutjeska NP on Zelengora mountain. Driving to last for about an hour and on the way visiting the grave of Sava Kovačević (the Second World War national hero). This spot is the starting point for a wonderful afternoon walk along the slopes and peaks of Zelengora. Going round Gornje bare Lake through the beautiful meadows full of flowers, blueberries and forest strawberries (in season), with wonderful views. Walking through the woods and heading towards Donje bare Lake. More walking towards Borić (a belvedere), a lovely clearing from where you can see Maglić mountain and the entire canyon, as well as Perućica rainforest. Back to Donje Bare Lake, going round it, enjoying the mountain cottage, coffee break, taking photographs and getting together. Towards the evening driving along the mountain road to the hotel (for about 1 hour). Arrival at the hotel in the early evening for dinner. Overnight stay at the hotel.

*It is possible to change the go-arounds mentioned above so to rearrange them on the spot, as wished by the group.

2. DAY – Friday
After breakfast leaving the hotel for the whole-day rafting. Driving to the Rafting Centre (for about 1 hour). Arrival at the Drina Rafting Centre, taking the equipment, settling formalities with the documents, brief presentation of rafting particulars and safety measures by the local guides. Setting forth to the Crna Gora (Montenegro) border by the Rafting Centre vehicles, crossing the border and driving further towards the starting rafting position (for about 1 hour). Starting our rafting adventure and enjoying the most beautiful localities along the Tara river. Stopping from time to time, taking photos, diving from the rocks (for the brave ones). Stopping at the ‘water coffee bar’ where one can have a drink and relax. Further boat riding all the way to the Rafting Centre. The Crna Gora – BiH border is crossed by passing the Piva river which, along with the Tara river, runs and flows to turn into the Drina river. Arrival at the Rafting Centre. Handing back the clothes and equipment, taking showers, having a rich dinner and getting together. By early evening heading towards the hotel at Tjentište (going back to Sutjeska NP). Dinner, overnight stay.
For the group members who do not go rafting, the tour round National Park will be organized, staying in the nature or swimming in the lake, all to be agreed accordingly. It will also be possible to organize the excursion to Višegrad.

3. DAY – Saturday
After breakfast getting ready for the whole-day stay in the beautiful surroundings of Sutjeska National Park. Departure by car (or cars) to Prijevor (the foot of Maglić mountain) from where the excursion turns towards Trnavačko Lake (Montenegro). On the way thereto we stop at a belvedere that offers a magnificent view over Perućica rainforest and Skakavac waterfall. After that we enter the rainforest itself, which is a unique experience. It takes about 2 – 3 hours walking all the way to Trnavačko Lake (known as ‘ a heart-shaped’ lake). Once we come there we’ll have lunch, take a rest and enjoy the wonderful view over the mountains surrounding it (Maglić etc.). Going back along the skirts of the rainforest heading to the Suha Resort. Saturday hiking will take about 5-7 hours of walking plus some time for rest and enjoyment. Arrival at the Suha Resort and further drive towards the hotel. On the way we will stop to see the famous ‘Battle of Sutjeska’ monument (the reminder of the famous 2nd World War battle) and the museum commemorating it. Arrival at the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.

4. DAY – Sunday
Early waking and checking-out, breakfast at 07:00 am. Departure from the hotel around 07:30 am and driving towards Sarajevo. Arrival in Sarajevo around 09:30 am and sightseeing of Baščaršija (the old part of Sarajevo from the Turkish times), with all its attractions (enjoying local pastries and delicacies as well as Turkish coffee). Further heading to Vrelo Bosne (the Bosna river spring). Early in the afternoon departure for Zagreb, around 03:00 pm. It can be arranged to stop in Visoko and go round the tunnel (optional) and then pass through Zenica, Doboj, Brod, Slavonski Brod on the way to Zagreb. Arrival in Zagreb late in the evening (around 10:00 – 11:00 pm).

The price includes:
Transport from Zagreb with all the costs, 3 nights at the hotel, full board, entrance tickets and taxes in National Park, professional guidance, rafting with all the costs and taxes, sightseeing of Sarajevo …

The price does not include:
Personal expenses on the way, drinks, meals in Sarajevo, guides and drivers tips (EUR 10,00 per person). Tips are expected and are to be paid before the trip. Travelling and health insurance as well as accident insurance (HRK 50,00 per person at Uniqa Insurance Co.) Going round the tunnel in Visoko is optional (as ageed by the group) – the ticket for 1-hour round is KM 20,00 per person (EUR 10,00).

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