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The Expedition to Kilimanjaro & safari


Machame Route – 6 days + 2  days Safari (Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater,)

All inclusive price. Flight from Zagreb (Qatar).

Machame Route is one of the most demanding and beautiful tours and lasts for at least 7 Machame rout- days of climbing (since 2006). The route also includes the required acclimatization due to the danger of high altitude sickness, headache and lack of oxygen. Ideally programmed daily time-table guarantees a unique experience that will be  remembered for a lifetime.

Kilimanjaro – the highest peak of Africa, Uhuru Peak 5895 m.

3.350,00 €
(25.241,00 kn)
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13 days
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  • 5-18. 06.2024
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Trip details

1. DAY
Departure from the Zagreb Airport to Doha (or from the nearest airport for destination Doha, as agreed, joining the group from Zagreb to continue the journey together. Arrival in Doha late in the evening.

2. DAY
The morning flight from Doha to Kilimanjaro. Arrival in Dodoma, Tanzania’s capital, early in the afternoon around 03:00 pm. Upon arrival at the Airport we will be welcomed by our guide and the representative from our partner agency and accordingly taken to the city of Moshi to the hotel. Afternoon break, briefing and making arrangements and programmes for the next 6 days of tough climbing and conquering of the highest peak in Africa. In the evening meeting with the guide who will disclose all the details about expedition organization. Dinner time and spending overnight at the hotel.

3. DAY
After breakfast transfer from Mosha to Machame Gate (1490m) – Machame Camp (2980m).
Mountaineering time: 7 hours
Distance: about 18 km
Height change: + 1490 m

After the early breakfast our guide will join us in our 6-day adventure. A ride to Machame Gate which takes about 40 to 45 minutes. Coming to the application point where we get all the necessary documents for the climb and we start right away. At the very beginning of our walk we enter the rainforest. There is a great possibility of rain in the woods, which will turn the tracks into very muddy and slippery. After the lunch break we continue our walk until the afternoon when we arrive in the camp in the Machame area. Tents, all other equipment and food will be provided by bearers and guides to Mount Kilimanjaro. The night in the camp can be cold (about 0 degrees). The camp is at the height of 2980 m.

4. DAY
Camp Machame (2980m) – Shira Camp (3840m).
Mountaineering time: 6 hours
Distance: about 9 km
Height change: + 860 m

After the early breakfast we spend the day climbing to the Shira Camp (3840 m) to have lunch halfway through the trail. The night in this camp will be colder than the previous one, with temperatures falling below 0 degrees. The trail takes us for about an hour to the top of the forest, then for about two hours through the rocky terrain. After having lunch and some rest, we continue up the rocky cliff to the Shira plateau. During the climb to this point we will be able to see Western Breach with its spectacular glaciers. Arrival in the Shira Camp.

5. DAY
Shira (3840m) – Lava Tower (4630m) – Barranco Camp (3950 m).
Mountaineering time: 6 hours
Distance: about 15 km
Height change: + 790 m, – 680 m

We enter dry area (a semi-desert) and a rocky landscape around the Lava Tower where we will reach an altitude of 4630 m in about four hours of walking. Lunch time. After having lunch we take a rocky path towards the Lava Tower (4630m). Definitely the most demanding day so far. At this point one can experience some of the following hardships: breathing difficulties, headache and irritability. We further descend for almost 680 meters to the Barranco camping area. Once we reach the height of 4600 m at the Lava Tower, it is necessary to acclimatize. During this two-hour descending to Camp Barranco you can enjoy magnificent views. The camp is located in the valley below Breach and the Great Barranco Wall. While waiting for dinner, we will enjoy the unforgettable sunset.

6. DAY
Camp Barranco (3950m) – Camp Barafu (4550m).
Mountaineering time: 6 hours
Distance: about 13 km
Height change: + 600 m

After spending the night at the Great Barranco Wall we will climb along this wonderful steep hill overlooking the enchanting Heim Glacier. Early in the morning after breakfast at the Great Barranco Wall you will face Mount Kilimanjaro in all its beauty. The route then descends through the Karanga Valley over the ridges and valleys and then connects with the Mweka route. The last waterway on the route is the Karanga Valley as there is no water in the Barafu Camp. (Barah in swahili language means “ice”). We will spend the night in its desolate, unfriendly and windy landscape. The tents are to be put up on a narrow, rocky and dangerous reef. It is a must to get to know the terrain before the dark so we can avoid any accidents. The height is now above 1345m and during the same night we will mount to the final climb. For this purpose we need our equipment, sticks and thermal clothing. You should insert new batteries in the headlights and in the cameras and also have a spare set available. To prevent the freezing of water, we shall keep it in thermos bottles. The night’s accommodation should be arranged somewhat earlier, around 07.00 pm, to get some sleep and gather energy for the night march to the top. The temperature will be below zero degree.

7. DAY
Trying to climb to the top, Barafu Camp (4550m) – Uhuru peak (5895m) – Mweka (3100m).
Mountaineering time: 6 hours to the Uhuru peak, 5 to 7 hours to get down to Mweka.
Distance: About 7 km uphill – 23 km downhill
Height change: + 1345 m, – 2795 m

Waking around 11:30 pm and after having tea and some cookies we start our night climb to the top of Uhuru. We head northwest and climb through a difficult route to the Stella Point on the edge of the crater. This 6-hour climb to the Stella Point is mentally and physically the most demanding one on the entire route for many climbers. At the Stella Point (5685m) we will stop for a short break and be rewarded with the most spectacular sunrise that we might most likely experience in our lives. It can only be compared with the sunrise in the Himalayas. From the Stella Point to the two-hour uphill climb to the Uhuru Peak we-ll probably walk in the deep snow. The time to be spent at the top will depend on the weather conditions. We will not stay too long because it is rather difficult to get started and go back because of the great cold and fatigue. But we will, for sure, enjoy our achievement and the day that will be remembered till the rest of our lives. Walking back from the top to Barafu takes about 3 hours, during which we will have a well deserved, but a short break, and we will also collect the rest of the equipment before descending towards the Mweka hut (3100m). The route is not difficult and goes through a rocky path, across the wetland to the woods. The camp is in the woods and in the late afternoon it is possible to expect fog and rain. In the evening we will be supplied with some water for washing. Dinner and overnight stay.

8. DAY
Mweka Camp (3100m) – Mweka Gate (1980m).
Mountaineering time: 4 hours
Distance: about 15 km
Height change: – 1120 m

After the early breakfast setting off for a 3-hour walk through the beautiful trail that leads back to Mweka Gate where you will enter your names and other pieces of information into the register. This is also the spot where successful climbers get certificates for their winning climbs. Climbers who reached the Stella Point (5685m) receive the Green Certificate and those who reached the Uhuru Peak (5895m) receive the Gold Certificate. From Mweka Gate we continue our walking on a muddy trail to the village of Mweka (3 km – 1 hour). At Mweka Gate we will meet the officials of Mount Kilimanjaro National Park who will give us certificates that confirm our climbing achievements. After that we return to Moshi to have a rest and take hot showers.

9. DAY
After breakfast we take a ride to Tarangire National Park. The full-day stay on the safari to enjoy all the beauties of the park and the wilderness. After dinner the entertaining programme is organized for the visitors. Staying overnight is arranged at the Fanaka Camping & Lodge near Manyara Lake National Park.

10. DAY
After breakfast we take a ride to Ngorongoro Crater to enjoy the full-day stay there fascinated by the beautiful scenery. Dinner time and staying overnight at the Fanaka Campsite & Lodge.

11. DAY
After breakfast departure for Manyara Lake. Enjoying the beautiful scenery. In the evening returning to Moshi. Dinner and staying overnight at the hotel.

12. DAY
After breakfast taking a rest and getting ready for return. Departure to the Airport. Flight to Doha at 03.20 pm. Arrival in Doha late in the evening.

13. DAY
Early night flight Doha-Zagreb and arrival in Zagreb at 05:20 am.

The price includes:

  • All return tickets with taxes
  • Transfers from Moshi to Machame Gate and back
  • All meals during the whole trip
  • 6 days of Kilimanjaro trekking – Machame route
  • 5 nights in tents during the Machame trekking route
  • 2 overnights at the hotel before and after the climbs
  • Parking fees and state taxes with VAT
  • English language interpreter, a guide and assistant guides
  • First aid kits and oxygen cylinders
  • Camping, including sleeping tents, sleeping mats, dining areas, chairs and tables
  • 3-day safari programme (Tarangire + Ngorongoro Crater + Manyana Lake)
  • Rescue fees
  • Climbing permits
  • All transport facilities and transfers


The price does not include:

  • Personal expenses on the trip
  • Guide and driver tips
  • Visa costs


Necessary Equipment:

  • Leather or thermal boots
  • Gore-Tex, Microtex or K-Tech Trilaminate Jacket
  • Gore-Tex, Microtex or K-Tech pants
  • Fleece pants
  • Gore-Tex gloves
  • Knit gloves (to be put under Gore-Tex gloves)
  • Thermal gloves (to be put under Gore-Tex gloves)
  • Leggings
  • Thermal socks
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Headlight
  • Thermos bottle
  • Raincoat or poncho (to be used mostly in the rain forest)
  • Short pants
  • T-shirts
  • Sun hat (visor caps do not offer enough protection)
  • Knit cap
  • Sleeping bag
  • etc.

* Any and all additional pieces of information and advice on the equipment and everything else of importance will be obtained after the expedition group has been organized. The group will have several group meetings and outings before the trip to Kilimanjaro as a preparation for the excursion.

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