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Let’s get going to Amazonia, the largest rainforest in the world. Manaus – the city in the heart of the jungle will become the base of our journey. Five days of staying in the wilderness with a number of tourist attractions and excitements. A journey that is different from any other journey because we will experience happenings occuring at that very moment while we might not even have any control over them. Boat rides along the Amazon and the Rio Negro rivers, waterfalls, crocodile hunting, piranhas, swimming with pink dolphins, watching closely confluence of the two rivers, rubber plantations, Indian tribes and their rituals ….

2.700,00 €
(20.344,00 kn)
broj dana
14 days
broj dana
  • 2. - 15. 5. 2022.
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Trip details

1. DAY
Departure from the Zagreb Airport to Venice (or from the nearest airport for destination Venice, as agreed, joining the group from Zagreb to continue the journey together).
Departure to be agreed upon and as per the scheduled flight. Arrival in Venice and transfer for the flight to an intermediate airline destination to continue the flight to Brazil (Madrid, Frankfurt or Zurich – depending on the airline company and seats availability). Continuing the flight to Brazil (Sao Paulo or Rio De Janeiro).

2. DAY
Night flight and arrival in Sao Paulo or Rio in the morning. Transfer for the flight to Manaus. Arrival in Manaus early in the afternoon. At the airport we will be welcomed by the representatives from our local partner agency (which organizes the entire trip to Amazonia). Transfer to the Casa Teatro Boutique Hotel (to be our base) – a small family hotel on the square in front of the Opera House. Rest, dinner and overnight stay.

3. DAY
After breakfast taking the city tour. Visiting a fish market, a beautiful theatre, a police square. After lunch break (lunch is not included in the programme – we eat out) we take a ride by a fast boat and visit Inpa and the beautiful Ponta Negra beach. Enjoying the beach, swimming, taking photos etc.. Returning to Manaus and transfer to the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.

4. DAY
After breakfast going for a boat sail to the confluence of the Amazon and the Rio Negro rivers, visiting Januari Nature Park with water lilies, having dinner at a floating restaurant. After lunch we visit a tribal Indian community to enjoy their ritual dances and make contacts with the natives. After that we visit Seringal (a rubber museum) and swim with the dolphins in the river. Returning to Manaus, transfer to the hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

5. DAY
After breakfast leaving for the whole-day trip to Presidente Figueiredo (bus/van ride) to go round waterfalls, caves, to go swimming and sunbathing. Having lunch at a local restaurant on the way. In the evening back to the hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

6. – 10. DAY

6. DAY
After breakfast departing from the hotel by car towards the Caesa River Port. By a quick motor boat we arrive in Careiro da Varzea village (30 min) passing by the confluence of the Rio Negro and the Solimbes rivers. This is the spot where the Amazon river takes its shape to flow further into the Atlantic Ocean. Visiting the fruit market and going further to the Mamori river by boat passing by the lakes and creeks with floating water lilies, villages of the natives. It is there that you can observe a diverse animal world (alligators, snakes, monkeys, fish …). During the stay in the jungle be ready for different animal species to alarm you and take you by complete surprise. Arrival at the Lodge where we have lunch – a self-service restaurant offering different dishes (fish, beef, chicken, salads, fruit). After lunch going for a ride by a motorized boat to explore the surroundings and, if we are lucky enough, we’ll see some animals that live in this area (monkeys, sloths, iguanas, spiders, birds …). After returning to the Lodge dinner on a self-service basis. Overnight stay.

7. DAY
Early in the morning setting off to watch the sunrise and birds. Travelling through the jungle and listening to the guides explaining how to survive in the jungle and the specifics of living there. The guides will demonstrate how to use lilies as ropes, how to climb the trees, find water or food. Going back for lunch and after lunch we take canoes (with paddles) and sail the waters to observe animals and birds. Back to the Lodge, dinner. After dinner departing in boats to watch alligators in the water, using our battery lights. The guides will demonstrate crocodile hunting with hands. You will have the opportunity (if you want to) to hold alligators in your hands and take photos with them. Returning to the Lodge and overnight stay.

8. DAY
After breakfast visiting Caboclos village, learn about their customs and culture. Visiting also rubber and cassava plantations. We will have the opportunity to learn about local customs and see how people living in the jungle collect Brazilian nuts, herbs, vegetables and spices. Lunch at the Lodge. In the afternoon we go fishing (piranhas and other fish, if we are lucky enough) to return to the Lodge at sunset. After dinner admiring the jungle …

9. DAY
After breakfast going for a walk through the jungle to see plants used for medical purposes. The guide will talk about diseases that certain plants heal and how they are used by tribes. We will see how natural rubber is produced. Back to the Lodge. In the afternoon we have leisure time for free-time activities: rowing, fishing, watching animals etc. Dinner and overnight stay.

10. DAY
After breakfast going canoeing to watch the freshwater dolphins in the small canals (Igarapes), flooded forest areas, rivers and lakes. We will also visit a school in a native village and see the ways the local natives (known as Riheirinhos or Caboclos) live. Lunch at the Lodge and return to Manaus. Arrival in Manaus to the hotel, dinner and overnight stay.

11. DAY
Free day in Manaus, enjoying the hotel facilities, resting, strolling and getting together. In the evening a banquet dinner at the Caxiri restaurant with local music entertainment (one drink for free).

12. DAY
After breakfast visiting the largest shopping mall, going back to the hotel and getting ready for returning home. Departure to the Airport to take the scheduled flight, as agreed.

13. DAY
Returning from Manaus to Sao Paulo (or Rio), transfer for the flight to Europe (destination by the scheduled flight).

14. DAY
Arrival in Venice by the scheduled flight and transfer to Zagreb by organized transportation. Arrival in Zagreb and the end of our trip.

* Itineraries and programmes might possibly change depending on the weather conditions, unexpected circumstances or any other changes that the Agency is authorized to make. The Agency reserves the right to correct the programme and is not responsible for any failures made by the local agency. All rights and obligations are governed by the General Travelling Terms and Conditions that each passenger should read and accept before the trip.

The price includes:

• All return air tickets with taxes
• All transfers and transports covered by the travelling programme
• Nights at the Casa Teatro Boutique Hotel in Manaus
• Nights at the Lodge
• All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) – if not otherwise specified in the programme
• Mineral water
• All excursions with an English speaking guide

The price does not include:

• Personal expenses
• Tips for the guides (expected for this part of the world) – EUR 50,00 per person (to be given to the
Agency representative before the trip).

IMPORTANT NOTE: All the travellers must be vaccinated against yellow fever (consultations to be made with your doctor) and also take with them anti-malarial pills.

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